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Calories are a measure of energy. 

They refer to the amount of energy in foods and beverages, or the amount of energy you burn exercising. To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than your body burns each day or to gain weight, you need to eat more calories than your body burns each day.

There are three main energy-supplying nutrients:



  • FATS

When it comes to losing weight or gaining muscles, protein is the king of nutrients. Adding protein to your diet is a simple, effective way to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass with minimal effort. A high protein diet can increase the number of calories you burn by 80–100 calories per day. Eating protein helps you stay fuller longer and keep your cravings more under control. 

Carbohydrates is where over half of our fuel source should come from. You can find them in anything from pasta and bread to fruits and vegetables. 

But they can be harmful if you overload on carbohydrates, which is what a lot of people do today. The types of carbohydrates you include in your diet can make the difference between feeling full for longer or causing your blood sugar levels to spike.

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