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Booking a Facetime session could be beneficial for anyone who is not looking for a mentor or personal training sessions but need guidance on how to start to exercise or build better/new eating habits or has already started working towards health and fitness goals and need advice about their ongoing training and nutrition choices.

Do you feel like you would like to talk to someone who would give you clear direction to start making the right choices to finally see the results you have always wanted to achieve?

If the answer is "YES" you can now book an hour video session with myself and get the unclear answers you have been looking for.

What can I help you with? Some topics we can discuss during our session.


  • Get advice on how to train smart for fat loss without endless cardio

  • What exercises you should be doing to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Double checking your existing training plan and adapt changes if needed

  • How to lose weight or what to do if you hit the plateau

  • How to start building lean muscles and strength


  • How much calories you should be eating to lose/maintain/gain weight

  • Why diets don't work and why you are not seeing any results

  • How to reverse diet and stay lean after a success weight loss

  • Explaining macronutrients and how to eat healthy balanced diet

Please note I offer video sessions only to women over 18 yrs old

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